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Check the following features to make sure this is a good choice:. Have you ever thought that spy iPhone software may be of any use for you? We bet you did not think of installing it on your own device! Spy on my own phone? No — to put things right — track my phone! There are a number of valuable options you may enjoy by not only spying on your children, but also introducing the spyware for enhanced tracking of your own gadget, your activity, and other issues connected specifically with your activity. Tracking a lost phone. Or you have never been robbed of it.

Anyway, losing a gadget of personal use is a serious problem nowadays, with much personal and financial information stored on it. It will be quickly found! Have you ever thought that your wife husband spends too much money on trifles? That drinking that extra cup of coffee at the gas station costs your family hundreds of dollars each month? So how about you? Tracking calories with your spyware. Those who think of how to track an iPhone often forget that their personal device also tracks them and can tell very much about their daily routines. Why not use this to your advantage?

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Use your iPhone to track calories by entering your daily food intake and reporting your physical activity. This can become a perfect spy on your own physical fitness! This website uses cookies to improve your online experience. You may change your cookie settings through your browser. The best camera app on the iPhone is still the stock camera. Tweak a couple of settings and your Camera experience will be much better. From here, tap on Preserve Settings and turn on Camera Mode.

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By default, the Camera app goes back to the rear-facing photo mode every time you relaunch. If you turn on the Camera Mode feature, the Camera app will remember the last mode for you. From the Camera section, turn on the Grid option. This technique will help you get some great shots. If you have an iPhone X, you can record video at 4k 60 fps. But by default, the camera app only does p at 30 fps.

Go to the Record video section to change the resolution and the frame rate. It will let you edit your Portrait Mode shots after the fact. You can refocus your subject and increase the blur effect.

You can also click Portrait mode photos with the app. Download : Focos. Do you use your iPhone as your primary camera?

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Did you get some amazing shots from it? Step 1.

No, honestly... it's important... isn't it?

Install security cameras iPhone app, like the free Reolink app. Step 2. To make things even easier, there are wire free security cameras with iPhone app which allows you to install the camera anywhere indoors and outdoors without wire hassle, literally. For example, the popular Reolink Argus 2.

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If you are looking for an outdoor iPhone security camera, then also make sure it gets, at least, IP65 weatherproof rating to stand the elements. Having an old iPhone or iPad laying in your drawer and catching dust is shameful.

iPhone Security Cameras: 2 Quick Ways to View from Your iPhone/iPad

And here we will address the most critical issue of this type of iPhone security camera: How to use old iPhone as a security camera? And those iPhone CCTV camera apps usually come with limitations in features and are dependent on WiFi to work, which may stress your home network. To start the project, the key point is to look for an iPhone security camera app, actually, which can works smoothly in your iPhone 7, 6, 8, 6s, 7 Plus, SE, 5S, X and offers functions just as the security camera app.

Bonus: Previously, we have done a roundup of recommended free home security apps for Android and iOS users. Turn to the passage if you want know more about iPhone security camera apps. How can you set up the iPhone security camera, after you get the best security camera app? Let's cut right to the chase with a step-by-step walkthrough.

click here You can use the older iPhone or iPad device as the security cam, and make your new iPhone as home security viewer and recorder. Log into the iPhone security camera app on both iPhones and iPads, and make sure you log in with the same account. Step 3. Check where to place home security cameras if you are not sure.

Step 4. In the app settings, you can set up the iPhone security features you want, like motion detection, alerts, recording mode.