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The divorce based on adultery is as complicated as a divorce based on other grounds. Having the necessary legal knowledge and ability to navigate the difficult process is necessary to achieve what you want. Here are the points you have to remember when dealing with divorce based on adultery:. In a divorce based on adultery, there are two elements that you would need to prove. You would need to prove that your spouse has committed an adulterous act. The court has a high threshold in ejecting the burden of proof. Sexual intercourse would mean that a penetration has occurred.

Therefure, it is not enough for you show proof of intimacy such as text messages, emails, calls, dinner dates, or activities short of sex. This means that if your spouse has been intimate with the same sex, the court would not consider it as adultery. If this happens, you would need the help of your divorce legal counsel in finding other grounds. Aside from proving your spouse has in fact been unfaithful, you would also need to prove that you can no longer stand living with your spouse. In order for the court to determine this, it needs to see whether someone reasonable could find it intolerable to continue living with your spouse.

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The court would also check on personalities and circumstances unique to you and your spouse. Using adultery as a ground for your divorce would not affect the division of matrimonial assets. You would not be able to expect the court to favour you just because your spouse had an affair.

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One of the requirements of filing for a divorce is being married for at least three years. This means that even if you file for a divorce under the grounds of adultery, the court would not acknowledge. If you are still going to pursue for a divorce, you would need to hire a specialist divorce legal counsel.

However, the decision of doing this would solely on depend on the discretion of the court. You may be able to use adultery as a cause for filing a divorce. If this happens, you can file for a no-fault divorce. At a no-fault divorce, you just need to prove that you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences.

During the proceeding, you can use adultery as a piece of evidence. I said the mere fact that he still have to back his 'sorry' with information to validate what he did, means he feels he is not wrong. He is selfish to put me in a insecure position to wonder and fear, to become a wife who checks on husband. I am not the type who invade privacy, I respect personal space. For all the times I found out, it was chanced upon while I was fixing his phone, etc. I hate it when he points fingers at me, avoiding the main issue.

He said he don't feel love from me, that I am often too busy with kids to text him while he is overseas, etc. I am not considering a divorce of leaving him. But I really feel drained. It is so hard to stay strong and put on big happy smile, but I need to because I don't want to affect our two young toddlers. Besides, I am pregnant with third baby now. I cannot choose to think for my own well being only. I am thinking of counselling, but it is costly. I know my husband will never participate in counselling, I am thinking for myself I don't have anyone to talk to about this issue - because I do not wish to hurt my husband's reputation.

I feel very stuck, my chest is so tight, the walls are boxing me in. LauraW , Nov 10, Hi LauraW, there are free or less expensive counselling services available out there. If your hubby refuses to go, at least you can go yourself and get some third party advice. Don't keep everything to yourself, this is unhealthy and not fair to you.

Proving Adultery in Divorce Under Singapore Law

You're pregnant now too and need to take care of wellbeing. Is there a friend whom you can totally trust to talk about things? Maybe someone who doesn't know your husband well or at all, if you are concern about privacy issues. Take care sister.

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Chubbybaby2 , Nov 23, Lostdad , Dec 10, My gf just share wif me she just found out after 4 yrs after her divorce her ex husband who file for div based on unreasonable behavior , had actually cheated She saw wif her own eyes he was with his new wife and 2 kids , whose age is definitely more than 4 yrs old. Man cheat yet no balls , no gut to admit. Do finally he div my fren becos of 3rd party pregnant wif kids Lucky my gf now found a bf Wif kids it's v v v difficult la Huy , Dec 26, Huy , Dec 27, Well, the porn addiction is deep-rooted and had lasted for more than two decades - but it is still a mental problem.

You guys should be seeing a professional to seek help. It is not an excuse to continue, especially if it is not mutual, and it compromises your marriage's health. Now, when you are in confinement, it is a terrible time to make any big decisions. I would be the first to admit it, and it takes as long as 6mths to 2 years to be "normal" again. For example, it is not very logical to fault someone for what they "might" do in the future. People do change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

A very simple question to ask yourself, and your husband is, what kind of a parent do you want for your child? To me, everything that I do, I want my children to be proud of me. I may not be rich, but I am kind. I may not be pretty, but I am generous. Like how my friend, chronic smoker for 30 years, gave up smoking after the PD scolded him - - if he wants to build dreams and castles for his daughter, why would be deny his precious one of clean air?

And in the meantime, think of some happy thoughts for your baby. Try to engage your husband and get him to help out so that he will feel more like a parent. Some things do not come naturally. Hi, This is the first time I am posting in forum, so if I post this wrongly, I am very sorry in advance. I am looking for a wife who was cheated by husband for around 7 years. Apparently my friend's husband cheated my friend recently, and the woman whom he has been with was having affair for 7 years with another married woman.

This married husband is Singaporean Chinese guy and first name starts from M. The woman I mentioned earlier is Singaporean Malay woman. I know it is very sensitive issue, but I wish to be my friend's support, and get to know his wife in order to exchange the information. If you get any idea on this story, please let me know. DragonFox , Dec 27, Last edited: Dec 28, Tooth , Dec 28, My husband cheated on me not by succumbing to some temptation..

I would like to mention that our relationship was a very healthy one.. I never sensed that he was sexually dissatisfied as we used to make love quite frequently.. What is shocking is that we went on our dream holiday 3 weeks between first and second cheating episode and really really had a good time in each other's company..

Yet after returning he cheated within a span of 2 weeks When I found out the truth couple of days ago it was absolutely by fate as that woman connected with me on fb and coincidentally it was just a day after our 5th wedding anniversary which we had celebrated beautifully.. At that point as well instead of coming clean he tried to manipulate me by saying she is a freak and a psycho and I should block her and he will only talk to me once I blocked her.. I didn't and coaxed and pleaded him to tell me the truth nd that I believe in our love and no one can break it.. But as he revealed the details it has broken and shattered me completely..

I can't come to terms with the fact that he so carefully planned and went on to cheat.. Some couples have the intimacy problem or that they r falling out of love but I have analysed every possible angle of our marriage and trust me it was perfect. We used to sleep in each other's arms and loved each other so much..

We were to plan a baby in a couple of months and were already researching on doctors and hospitals Worst part is I used to jokingly ask him if he will always love me.. I am really really heartbroken and I feel like dying.. I keep thinking of our families who think of him as a perfect son..

Now he is begging for forgiveness but I could have forgiven a mistake or him falling prey to temptation but not this..