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The results were totally mind blowing and I couldn't believe what I found. I live happily now with my kids in Pittsburgh and got a new job away from a cheat.

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Contact Mr Craig for help : spiralxbinuclease at gmail dot com I'm doing this because a good man deserves praises. I'm from Minnesota trying to find out about hidden cameras my boyfriend placed in home idk how many. I just know I feel trap in my own home like my every move is watched I'm looking for help don't know if I should get someone to help find them or just contact my lawyer and take it to court. I think you should talk to a professional who helped me. What an eye opener. I became the victim of a poison laced pizza.

I was able to file a court case, State farm insurance represented the defendant. I knew they were tracking me. I almost got her but she got away in her car. She represented State farm.

Ins co. I am being spied by my classmates. I don't know how they are doing it. I am being constantly spied 24x7. They are spying on me continuously 24x7. Hello , did you ever find a solution to this? I am needing help as well for a situation I am going though. Thank you.. Thank you for your time. Depends on what kind of device u have It took me several weeks to find the right way. And it was the sneakiest ever! I just had an amazing experience with cyberservices, I always suspected my husband of cheating but I never had anyway to prove it.

My cousin had a similar problem and told me about how cyberservices helped her hack her husband's phone and social accounts. I contacted him and I was really amazed at how he cloned my husband's phone. I got real time messages from his phone and I could access his social accounts. Husband hired a professional to spy on me. He pulled up all my old history and files and details of past relationships Now married and I am percent faithful for over three years and he made a comment recently that eluded me that he had hacked into my privacy again.

Password change comments and other detailed info that only I should know. I am tired of being spied on and want to stop this immediately. I never use a computer, only iPhone. The account is a yahoo account and I am considering shutting it down, but why should I have to? I can't catch him since he has someone else doing this Considering going to the cops but that is last resort and I have nothing to hide but this threatens my trust.

Hi everyone, I'm John. I just wanna applaud Pyramideye hacker for the success of the job i gave him. I have lived with a cheating partner for more than 2 years, recently I started suspecting she was cheating on me and decided to take matters into my own hands. I have read a lot of reviews on websites about this professional hacker that helped me hack her phone discreetly and of course I'm so happy that the cat is out of the bag now.

Pyramideye hacker is a professional hacker for all social media hacks i. He can break into any website, phone, bank account and many more just to mention a few. You just have to get to him if you need such services at pyramideye.

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Hello, my husband has put a gps tracker on the car which he owns and he is using that for spying on me because I use that car too and whenever I go out of the house he is using the website gps live and keeping an eye on me all the time. I believe that I'm having a right to know that too that there is a tracker fixed on the car. He tells me many times that he trusts me a lot and on the other side he is doing that. Whenever we arguing he says to me that I shall wait because very soon he will have a prove against me.

He always knows where I stopped at the street and that makes me think about being tracked. I really don't know what to do. I wish I could hand him over to the police because he is emotionally abusing me but I'm not sure if they will do that because he owns that car. OMG my boyfriend has hidden cameras in my. I'm thinking of calling lawyer. Is it possible for a neighbor who has never been inside my apartment to be able to spy on me via video surveillance or other visual means? A guy lives in the apartment above me and I find it extremely odd and equally as irritating that he follows me from room to room in his apartment.

If I go into the bathroom, he goes into his.

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When I leave the bathroom, he leaves his. I once walked in and right out then ran to the kitchen and he was right above my head with each step I took. This is more than just coincidence. He drops things on the floor in the approximate spot where I am in my apartment and I think he does this on purpose because I've complained to him about how noisy he is. Someone told me he may have some sort of heat seeking equipment that shows him my location in my apartment.

Can this be true? What you described is exactly what I am going through now. Im trying to figure out what I can do. I'm very sorry that you're being victimized also. I've done some research and there are professionals who will come and sweep your home with professional grade detection equipment, but as I understand it, they are very expensive. I'm considering calling one of them for a consultation just to see if they can offer any tips for me to figure this out on my own. I can't live like this. It's much too obvious that I am being watched and I want something done about it now!

How to Stop Someone from Spying On Your Cell Phone

Thank you. I too have done some research and I want to check in to a PI And hope I can find someone who is reasonable in pricing to come sweep the house. This is insane and I cant just pack up and move. I have to figure something out.

I contacted a PI firm and asked if it was at all possible for this fool to have cameras on me without having entered my apartment and was told no; he would have had to have access to my apartment in order to plant cameras. Honestly, that was little consolation because it still feels pretty evident that I'm being watched.

I've decided to turn the tables. I now take video with my cellphone to document him following me everywhere I go.

The ceiling is very noisy and his footsteps can be heard in the video. I also have a little device that's supposed to detect electronic surveillance equipment. I'm tired of being a victim. If the device picks up anything, I will call the PI back and ask him what he will charge to come out and do an electronic sweep of my apartment.

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It's time to fight back. Best of luck to you! This was a while ago but you're words sound like they came out of my mouth, I am going fricken nuts about this, please did u ever find out what the hell was going on? I cant take it anymore whatever it is has to be illegal. They even read out my words in my texts as I type them on my phone, I hear them repeating my convos I had that day and i hear mine and my husbands convos being played back. Cant take it.