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Audio surveillance has moved forward in the last couple of years, we are proud to offer a wide selection of audio surveillance spy bug devices utilising the GSM networks. Spy bugs are commonly referred to as GSM listening devices. They are compatible with most GSM networks across the world.

We have built our reputation on quality, reliability and performance at a fair price using the same suppliers as more expensive competitors and therefore, all our range of audio surveillance products are customised by our team of professionals to offer complete satisfaction. Switch to on, red light comes on the flashes - once flashing stops is in record mode.

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I tested it and recording is clear. You can save the downloaded audio files and rename them on your PC.

Apparently allows for 17 hours of recording which is great. Good value for the money.

Currently unavailable. Delivery was quick and the camera for the money is amazing the app to use it is very easy to use. One bonus that I have discovered and that isn't on the advert is that it states it's a p camera however whilst the quality of that particular setting on the app is great it does have 2k and believe it or not for 30 odd quid a 4k setting I activated this setting and sure enough the picture goes pin sharp.. See All Buying Options.

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Only 2 left in stock. Got it yesterday.

It FAR exceeds any ideas I had, its amazing Haven't tried it outdoors or even near its maximum distance but at about 30 feet and in my pocket it can hear a normal voice like they were talking whilst next to you. I'm really pleased with this item and I'd recommend it to anyone, its so simple to use, no setting up, downloading software no nothing, just plug and play.


This recorder is small, light weight, very easy to use and sound quality is amazing. It fits in any pocket and it is so handy to make notes to myself when I am out walking. This has been a god-send. I bought it for my 92 year old father.

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He has had NHS hearing aids and very expensive privately made ones via Boots both of which frequently don't work or have problems. He took this set on holiday as a back up which was just as well as his hearing aids failed and he would have been unable to hear anything. We got you covered! Let one remote Smart D spectrum analyzer monitor your workplace — conference rooms, corporate server room, warehouses and remote locations — and get around-the-clock protection against Never be without all the tools you need to aid in the ever growing concern for privacy.

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Whether you are a TSCM specialist, corporate executive or a concerned traveler. This kit can help you maintain No job is too small or too big with this detection kit on hand. Mission ready, With this blendable hidden camera technology into everyday items this surveillance kit can change the game when it comes to collecting evidence.

Mission ready, this case makes it easy to keep track The camera to The SIRIUS 6th generation analyzer is designed for detection of unauthorized galvanic connections,detection and analysis of signals in wire circuits and connected electronic devices, which appear