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What IT can do using MDM breaks down into four categories: configure settings with or without giving you the option to change them , require passcode policies, restrict access to specific features, and monitor a range of details about your iPhone or iPad. Passcode policies are a universal part of mobile management and most business computing. Here are the options that IT has when requiring a passcode on your iOS device.

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MDM systems can also be used to remotely remove your passcode and unlock your device. Along similar lines, MDM solutions can send a command to immediately lock your device or to wipe it. Beyond relying on passcode policies, businesses often restrict access to certain features, apps, and functionality in order to ensure greater device and data security.

Doing so can also ensure compliance with company policies, industry regulations, and local laws if relevant. Movies, TV shows, and apps can be disallowed completely or restricted based on their rating.

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Music and podcasts can be disallowed if they are flagged as explicit in iTunes. MDM tools can setup regular automated monitoring of all managed devices or they can query specific devices as needed. Provided the device is on and connected to the Internet, it will respond.

Network monitoring and management technologies can often track the ways your device accesses the Internet and company resources when connected to corporate Wi-Fi or VPN. Many network services, such an Exchange, email, or web server can also record details about devices and user accounts as they connect. Cult of Mac.

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How to change the dictation language on Apple Watch. If your iPhone has spyware installed then everything you use it for can be monitored. All this information is sent to a web control panel that can be viewed by your boss. Detecting spyware on an iPhone can be tricky and most online advice is vague and inconclusive.

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